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On what seems to be an unstoppable roller coaster of success, Apple has taken the computing world by surprise. While the hardware they choose tends to be a bit more costly, Apple's goal to take the seemingly daunting world of computers and turning it into a simple, enjoyable experience has ushered them into the spotlight.

Apple first made it's foray into the portable audio market in 2001 with their then soon-to-be-famous iPod. Meeting with initially mild success, Apple decided that a program was needed to manage the then unheard of 5 gigabytes of music.

Initially, iTunes started out as a program called "SoundJam MP", which after being purchased by Apple, became the base for the popular iTunes as we know it today. As Apple has grown and expanded into other markets and innovative platforms, they have brought iTunes along with them to include TV, Movies and even Games. Each new product line from Apple brings further amendments to iTunes, and sometimes even hints as to what future products Apple might release.

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